Night of the Furies

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Night of the FuriesNight of the Furies by J.M. Taylor

Killing my mother was easy..
. When Giorgio’s mother conspired to kill her mob boss husband, the boy’s fate was changed forever. Coming of age in the tenements of the West End, whipping stolen cars around corners from the burlesque halls of Scollay Square to the posh brownstones on Beacon Hill, from the Coconut Grove to the Brink’s garage, George takes a gut-wrenching tour of Boston’s criminal history that leads straight to his mother’s death. But once he exacts his revenge, he unleashes a pack of demons that burn with unquenchable flames. Thirty years of hatred will come to an end in one hell of a night.

At the start of this strong first novel from the pseudonymous Taylor, career criminal Giorgio DiGiacomo shoots his mother and her husband, Peter “Bricks” Mancini (“reputed mob boss of Boston”), in cold blood one summer day in 1967. Giorgio, who sees himself as an avenging Fury, blames his mother and Mancini for the death of his crime-boss father, Rico, decades earlier. As the backstory unfolds, Giorgio passes up opportunities to turn from his doom as he resolutely marches toward a nemesis as inevitable as it is thematically appropriate; his inability to understand what is going on is as essential to his nature as is his ruthlessness and lack of remorse. In flashbacks, Taylor brings to life Boston in the first half of the 20th century (corrupt Mayor James Curley hires fake Ku Klux Klansmen to burn a cross on the Common and threaten to drive him out of Massachusetts in a successful effort to gain voter sympathy), while the classical allusions give this noir gem additional texture. (Nov.) – Publishers Weekly

“This is more than a noir novel. It’s a sizzling epic spanning generations written by a writer at the top of his game. Scary thing is, you get the sense that Taylor is writing from personal experience.”

            ---Vincent Zandri, bestselling author of Murder by Moonlight and The Shroud Key

"If Jim Thompson wrote about Boston's mean old days, then you'd have an inkling of the sheer quality of writing and gut-clenching darkness that J.M. Taylor provides in NIGHT OF THE FURIES. An outstanding debut."

            --- Todd Robinson, editor of Thug Lit

“Taylor delivers a revenge tragedy that reads like a dime novel by Sophocles, at once epic and compact. It's violent, operatic pulp. Badass and bloody good.”

            --- Jedidiah Ayres, author of Fierce Bitches

 “Dark and violent, Night of the Furies showcases a talented new voice.”

            --- Dave Zeltserman, author of The Caretaker of Lorne Field and Pariah

“On the first page of Night of the Furies, Rico kills his mother and leaves Boston to start his new life. In spare, graphic vignettes of Rico's youth in 1930's EAST BOSTON, J.M. Taylor brings us to the present as Rico hurdles toward his future. Don’t start this book until you have time to finish it.  You don’t even realize you are holding your breath until you are hit in the solar plexus by the ending.  An American Ken Bruen!”

            --- Kate Mattes, Kate's Mystery Books

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